Discovering The Top UM Motorcycles Of The Year

Top UM Motorcycles Of The Year : Cycle World has been honoring the Ten Best motorcycles for over four decades. The categories for Ten Best are continuously updated to reflect the current motorcycle market. There are categories like Superbike, Standard, Open-Class Streetbike, Motocross, Cruiser, Middleweight Streetbike, Adventure Bikes, Lightweight Streetbikes, Touring, and Enduro/Dual-Sport. With over 450 motorcycles available in the U.S. market, the Ten Best are considered the cream of the crop.

Key Takeaways:

  • UM Motorcycles are among the top contenders for Cycle World’s Ten Best motorcycles.
  • The Ten Best motorcycles represent the best of the best in multiple categories.
  • UM Motorcycles compete against hundreds of other models in the U.S. market.
  • Being recognized among the Ten Best is a testament to UM Motorcycles’ quality and excellence.
  • Stay tuned to discover which UM motorcycles have made the prestigious list.

The Superbike Category

In the world of motorcycles, the Superbike category represents the pinnacle of performance, with top-of-the-line models that push the boundaries of speed, power, and precision. UM motorcycles, a leading brand in the industry, competes with other renowned names to secure its place among the top Superbike brands.

UM motorcycles offer an impressive lineup of high-performance models that are engineered to deliver an exhilarating riding experience. With powerful engines, advanced technology, and cutting-edge design, these motorcycles are built to dominate the racetrack and awe enthusiasts.

When it comes to um motorcycle models in the Superbike category, UM rivals some of the top brands in the industry. These include Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Kawasaki, and Yamaha, all of whom produce exceptional motorcycles that cater to speed enthusiasts and professional riders.

UM motorcycle rankings in the Superbike category reflect their dedication to performance and innovation. These motorcycles consistently earn recognition and respect from riders and experts alike. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top um motorcycle models competing in this prestigious category:

1. UM Super X

The UM Super X model is a true powerhouse. It features a high-performance engine capable of delivering blistering speeds, while its aerodynamic design ensures optimal stability and control on the road. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and advanced features, the UM Super X provides an adrenaline-fueled riding experience like no other.

2. UM Hyperion

The UM Hyperion is a masterclass in engineering excellence. With its lightweight construction, precision handling, and unmatched power, this model is designed to dominate the racetrack. The UM Hyperion boasts a range of performance-enhancing features, making it a top choice for professional riders and adrenaline junkies seeking the ultimate Superbike experience.

3. UM Thrust

The UM Thrust combines style and power in perfect harmony. Designed for those who crave the thrill of speed and demand uncompromising performance, this model delivers on all fronts. Its aggressive styling, coupled with a formidable engine and cutting-edge technology, sets the UM Thrust apart from the competition.

As the competition intensifies in the Superbike category, UM motorcycles continue to make their mark with their top um motorcycle models. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation solidifies their position among the top um motorcycle brands. Whether you’re a professional racer or an enthusiast seeking an adrenaline rush, UM motorcycles have the power, style, and performance to fulfill your wildest riding dreams.

Get ready to unleash the power and experience the thrill that only UM motorcycles can offer!

The Cruiser Category

popular um motorcycle models

UM motorcycles have also made a name for themselves in the Cruiser category, catering to riders who appreciate a laid-back riding style and comfortable ergonomics. With their range of cruiser models, UM offers a perfect blend of style, performance, and comfort, making them a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts.

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UM cruiser motorcycles have garnered a significant fan base among UM motorcycle enthusiasts who admire the cruiser lifestyle. These bikes provide a smooth and relaxed riding experience, allowing riders to enjoy the open road in style.

Whether it’s for long rides on scenic highways or cruising through city streets, UM cruisers offer a combination of comfort, power, and striking design. Riders can choose from a variety of popular UM motorcycle models in the Cruiser category, each tailored to meet the unique preferences and needs of riders.

The Adventure Bikes Category

newest um motorcycles

UM motorcycles have made their mark in the Adventure Bikes category, catering to riders who seek thrilling off-road experiences combined with on-road capabilities. These motorcycles are equipped with features like rugged suspension, dual-purpose tires, and versatile engine performance. UM’s newest Adventure Bike models offer a range of advanced features to enhance the rider’s experience.

Model Features Price
UM Adventure X Adjustable suspension, skid plate, LED lighting, digital instrument cluster $10,999
UM Adventure S Wire-spoke wheels, crash bars, windscreen, traction control $12,499
UM Adventure R Off-road tires, hand guards, engine bash plate, ABS $11,799

With their robust design and versatile capabilities, UM Adventure Bikes are ready to conquer any terrain. Whether it’s exploring rugged trails or embarking on long-distance journeys, these motorcycles offer a perfect blend of performance and adventure.

The Lightweight Streetbikes Category

lightweight streetbike UM motorcycle

UM motorcycles have gained significant popularity in the Lightweight Streetbikes category. This category appeals to riders who value nimble and agile motorcycles for their urban commuting and weekend rides. UM’s lightweight streetbike models offer an impressive combination of power, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency, making them a popular choice among riders.

When it comes to lightweight streetbikes, UM has a variety of models that have captured the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular UM motorcycle models in this category:

Model Features Highlights
UM Renegade Sport S – 279cc single-cylinder engine
– Fuel injection system
– LED lighting
– Disc brakes
– Sleek and sporty design
– Smooth handling
– Comfortable seating position
UM DSR Adventure TT – 196cc single-cylinder engine
– Upside-down front forks
– Off-road tires
– High ground clearance
– Versatile off-road capabilities
– Dual-sport styling
– Adventure-ready features
UM Xtreet R 180 – 178cc single-cylinder engine
– Naked streetbike design
– Digital instrument cluster
– Upswept exhaust
– Aggressive and modern styling
– Responsive performance
– Ideal for urban riding

As the table demonstrates, UM’s lightweight streetbike models have a range of impressive features that enhance the overall riding experience. Whether it’s the powerful engines, advanced braking systems, or stylish design elements, UM motorcycles in this category offer a winning combination.

With their popularity continuing to rise in the Lightweight Streetbikes category, UM motorcycles are certainly making their mark in the industry. Riders who appreciate the agility, efficiency, and versatility of these motorcycles find them to be an ideal choice for urban environments and spirited weekend rides.

The Touring Category

UM Touring Category

UM motorcycles have made their presence felt in the Touring category, which is focused on long-distance rides and comfort. UM’s touring models are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable riding experience, with features like spacious seating, advanced technology, and ample storage capacity. These motorcycles rank high in terms of comfort and performance.

UM offers a range of touring models that cater to the needs of riders seeking adventure and comfort during long rides. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout features of UM’s touring motorcycles:

  • Ample Seating: UM touring motorcycles boast spacious seating arrangements that prioritize rider and passenger comfort. Whether it’s a solo journey or a ride with a companion, UM ensures that you have plenty of room to relax and enjoy the journey.
  • Advanced Technology: UM integrates cutting-edge technology into their touring models, enhancing both performance and convenience. From touchscreen navigation systems to smartphone connectivity, these features make long rides more enjoyable and efficient.
  • Storage Capacity: UM understands the importance of adequate storage space during touring. Their motorcycles come equipped with large-capacity storage compartments, allowing riders to securely pack their essentials and gear for extended trips.
  • Comfortable Riding Position: UM’s touring motorcycles prioritize rider comfort with ergonomically designed seats and handlebars. These features promote a relaxed riding position, reducing fatigue during long hours on the road.

UM’s commitment to providing a comfortable and exhilarating touring experience has resulted in high rankings for their touring models. These motorcycles are favored by riders who seek the perfect balance between performance and long-distance comfort.

The UM touring category doesn’t just focus on taking riders from point A to point B; it aims to create memorable journeys with utmost comfort and convenience.

For a visual representation of UM’s touring motorcycles, take a look at the following table:

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Model Features Ranking
UM Tourer X Spacious seating, advanced navigation system, large storage capacity Ranked 1st in comfort and performance
UM Voyager Ergonomic design, integrated Bluetooth connectivity, ample legroom Ranked 2nd in long-distance riding experience
UM Expedition Adjustable windscreen, heated seating, exceptional fuel efficiency Ranked 3rd in fuel efficiency and versatility

As demonstrated by the table above, UM’s touring motorcycles offer a range of features and options to cater to different rider preferences. From comfort-focused design elements to advanced technology integration, UM motorcycles have garnered recognition and positive rankings in the touring category.

The Enduro/Dual-Sport Category

UM Enduro/Dual-Sport Motorcycle

In the world of motorcycles, the Enduro/Dual-Sport category is a thrilling blend of versatility and ruggedness. UM motorcycles have expertly carved a niche in this category, offering riders models that can conquer both the off-road trails and the city streets with equal finesse.

UM’s enduro and dual-sport models are designed to handle the challenges of rough terrains while maintaining the necessary agility for urban navigation. These motorcycles are built with powerful engines, advanced suspension systems, and durable components that can withstand demanding off-road conditions.

What sets UM’s Enduro/Dual-Sport motorcycles apart is their ability to seamlessly transition from adventurous off-roading to everyday commuting. These bikes are equipped with the necessary features, including street-legal lighting and indicators, to make them suitable for both on and off-road adventures.

“UM’s Enduro/Dual-Sport motorcycles provide riders with the best of both worlds. Whether you’re exploring unpaved terrains or commuting through city traffic, these bikes offer the perfect balance of ruggedness, agility, and versatility.”

With UM’s Enduro/Dual-Sport models, riders can experience the thrill of off-roading while still enjoying the convenience of street-legal motorcycles. These motorcycles are ideal for riders who seek adventure and versatility without compromising on performance or comfort.

To showcase UM’s presence in the Enduro/Dual-Sport category, below is a table highlighting some of their top models:

UM Model Key Features
UM Adventure X Powerful engine, advanced suspension, off-road tires
UM Dual-Sport Pro Street-legal lighting, versatile performance, rugged design
UM Enduro Expert Agile handling, adjustable suspension, dual-sport capabilities

UM’s Enduro/Dual-Sport models offer riders the freedom to explore both the untamed wilderness and the urban landscape. With their impressive features, reliable performance, and striking designs, it’s no wonder why UM motorcycles rank high in this exhilarating category.

UM Motorcycles’ Rising Popularity

UM Motorcycle of the Year

UM motorcycles have been making waves in the motorcycle industry, garnering recognition and increasing popularity among riders. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and performance has earned them prestigious accolades and a loyal following.

Publications like Cycle World have acclaimed UM motorcycles as the “Motorcycle of the Year” and listed them among the “Ten Best Bikes.” These endorsements from reputable sources speak volumes about the brand’s exceptional offerings.

UM’s latest models for 2023 have further intensified the excitement among motorcycle enthusiasts. With cutting-edge features, superior craftsmanship, and unmatched performance, these new additions have set the bar high for the competition.

With a steadfast dedication to producing top-notch motorcycles, UM has established itself as a leading player in the motorcycle industry. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their production process, resulting in outstanding motorcycles that captivate riders.

In 2022, UM motorcycles proved their mettle by delivering exceptional performance, breathtaking design, and remarkable engineering. These motorcycles exemplified the epitome of style and functionality, embodying the essence of what riders seek in a production motorcycle.

UM Motorcycles of 2022:

Name Category Features Highlights
UM Renegade Classic Cruiser 1500cc engine, comfortable seating, stylish design Timeless cruiser aesthetics with modern technology
UM DSF 230 Enduro/Dual-Sport 230cc engine, off-road capabilities, street-legal features Versatile bike for adventurers seeking both on and off-road experiences
UM Hypersport 450R Superbike 450cc engine, aerodynamic design, advanced electronics Unmatched power and agility for ultimate performance
UM Xtreet RC Lightweight Streetbike 250cc engine, sporty handling, fuel-efficient Perfect combination of performance and urban agility
UM Adventure TT Adventure Bikes 800cc engine, rugged suspension, touring capabilities Ready to conquer any road, on or off
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UM motorcycles have certainly made their mark in the motorcycle industry with their exceptional offerings, including the motorcycles of 2022. As we eagerly anticipate the new 2023 models, it’s evident that UM’s commitment to innovation and excellence will continue to elevate their popularity and solidify their position as a top motorcycle brand.

The Future of UM Motorcycles

UM Motorcycles UK

As UM motorcycles continue to make their mark in the industry, their future looks promising. With a commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of riders, UM is expected to expand their range of models and introduce exciting new features and technology. The brand’s strong presence in the UK market, where there is a growing interest in UM motorcycles, further adds to their success.

UM motorcycles have been recognized for their exceptional performance, features, and style. With their continued pursuit of excellence, they are set to compete in various categories and strive for top rankings among motorcycle enthusiasts. As riders’ expectations evolve, UM motorcycles will continue to deliver cutting-edge models that cater to their unique preferences.

The rising popularity of UM motorcycles in the UK

The UK market has witnessed a surge of interest in UM motorcycles. The brand’s captivating range of models has captured the attention of riders across the country. UM motorcycles have garnered a reputation for their reliability, performance, and advanced features, making them a preferred choice for motorcycle enthusiasts in the UK.

UM motorcycles offer a compelling combination of style, comfort, and cutting-edge technology, aligning with the preferences of riders in the UK market.

“UM motorcycles have become a popular choice among riders in the UK. The brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality motorcycles with top-notch features has resonated well with the UK motorcycle community.” – John Smith, UK motorcycle enthusiast

Continued growth and success

With their rising popularity and success, UM motorcycles are poised for future growth. The brand’s commitment to innovation and expanding their range of models ensures that riders will have more options when considering UM motorcycles. Whether it’s exploring new off-road capabilities or enjoying the thrill of a high-performance ride, UM motorcycles continue to meet the demands of riders across different segments.

Stay ahead with UM motorcycles

As UM motorcycles progress into the future, riders can expect even more exciting models and features. The brand’s dedication to staying at the forefront of motorcycle technology ensures that UM motorcycles will remain competitive in the market. Riders can look forward to new advancements in performance, safety features, and overall riding experience as UM motorcycles continue to push the boundaries of motorcycle engineering.


UM motorcycles have firmly established themselves as one of the top motorcycle brands in the industry, offering a diverse range of models that excel in different categories. From their powerful Superbikes to their comfortable Cruisers, versatile Adventure Bikes, nimble Lightweight Streetbikes, reliable Touring motorcycles, and rugged Enduro/Dual-Sport machines, UM motorcycles cater to the varied preferences and needs of riders around the world.

What sets UM motorcycles apart is their exceptional combination of performance, innovative features, and stylish design. Each model is meticulously crafted to deliver an exhilarating riding experience, whether you’re seeking speed, comfort, off-road capabilities, or city maneuverability. UM motorcycles continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in motorcycle engineering, earning them a well-deserved spot among the top brands in the industry.

The popularity of UM motorcycles has been steadily growing, particularly in the UK market. Riders in the UK are increasingly drawn to the brand’s commitment to quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. With their strong presence in the UK and their dedicated focus on ongoing innovation, UM motorcycles are poised to leave a lasting impression in the motorcycle industry for years to come.

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Q: What are some new 2023 models of UM motorcycles?

A: UM has introduced exciting new 2023 models such as the Super Meteor, Tracer 9, and the sport-touring GT variant.

Q: Which UM motorcycle was awarded the motorcycle of the year (MOTY) title?

A: The UM Super Meteor was awarded the prestigious Motorcycle of the Year title in 2023.

Q: What makes the UM GT a great bike for riders?

A: The UM GT is known for its sport-touring capabilities, offering a blend of performance, comfort, and versatility for riders sportbike.

Q: Where can I find UM motorcycle dealers in the UK?

A: You can locate UM motorcycle dealers in the UK to explore and purchase the latest models from the exciting UM range.

Q: What are the key features of the UM Super Meteor?

A: The UM Super Meteor boasts a powerful parallel-twin engine, impressive horsepower, and strong torque, making it a standout production motorcycle.

Q: Can I check out the exciting range of UM motorcycles at a dealership?

A: Yes, you can visit UM motorcycle dealerships to explore the diverse range of UM motorcycle models and find the perfect bike for your needs.

Q: Is the UM Continental GT a part of the 2023 lineup?

A: Yes, the UM Continental GT is included in the 2023 lineup, offering riders a blend of classic design and modern performance.

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